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Five Reasons to Hire Our San Antonio Car Accident Lawyers

Posted in Car Accidents on September 10, 2021

Five reasons to hire a Board Certified San Antonio car accident lawyer

Texas car wreck cases involve greedy billion-dollar insurance companies

If you’ve been injured in an auto accident in San Antonio or the surrounding area, the stress that comes from dealing with a traumatic injury and worry over damage to your vehicle can be overwhelming.  The last thing you should do is talk to the trained representatives of a billion-dollar insurance company before seeking legal advice. Insurance companies have spent millions of dollars developing strategies to lead car wreck victims into diminishing the value of their claims. Seek a free consultation with our experienced San Antonio car accident lawyers to help you preserve your rights and fight for the compensation you are entitled to get under Texas law.

Auto accident claims should be handled right from the start by Board Certified San Antonio car accident lawyers

If you were not at fault for the collision, there is no reason to speak with the insurance company. Your attorney will handle all contact with the insurance company and insurance adjusters, so that you can focus on your recovery. There are so many variables involved in car accidents that affect the outcome, and the best way to handle each case depends on the individual circumstances.  It is essential to seek advice from our car accident lawyers in San Antonio, who have a broad range of experience with many types of accidents and injuries to make sure your rights are protected and you are fully compensated for all of the injuries you sustained. Attorney Aaron A. Herbert is Board Certified in Personal Injury Trial Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, and has handled thousands of car accident injury claims.

Motor vehicle collision cases involve complicated legal hurdles requiring experienced legal advice

It is critical that your car wreck claim is handled right from the beginning to end. Some injured individuals are tempted to handle car wreck claims on their own, unaware of critical procedural and filing requirements. If deadlines are missed or your injuries are not properly documented, the value of your claim will suffer. Even worse, the risk involved in signing forms provided by the insurance company or giving recorded statements to insurance adjusters are grave.  A car accident lawyer from the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert can help you understand the legal issues surrounding your auto accident.

Investigation into the cause of the collision must start right away

The causes and circumstances of a car accident can affect what damages you can recover. The more time passes from the date of a car crash, the more difficult it will be to obtain crucial evidence. Over time, some evidence could be lost completely. When you hire Attorney Aaron A. Herbert for your car wreck claim, our dedicated team of San Antonio car accident lawyers and investigators immediately begin gathering information and evidence.  We quickly contact witnesses for statements, take photographs of vehicles before repairs begin or the vehicle is sold for salvage. If the police were involved in investigating the collision, our firm will file an “open records request” seeking squad car video and other evidence obtained by the police. Our firm uses cutting edge technology and discovery tools to investigate, discover, document and preserve every possible fact about your case in order to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Medical treatment is expensive and failure to document your injuries will hurt your recovery

To further complicate matters, the injuries sustained depend heavily on the circumstances of each individual car accident. Most Texans injured due to negligent drivers expect the insurance company will pay for medical treatment right away. In fact, when calling to set up a claim most car insurance companies will tell the injury person “we can’t help you with that until we get a statement”. Don’t be fooled by this tactic! The insurance company will not help you with medical treatment and the bodily injury adjuster will simply tell you they “are still investigating the claim” even if you give them a statement. The insurance company hopes you wait days or even weeks before seeking medical treatment, in order to claim the delay in treatment proves you were not severely injured. Our San Antonio car accident lawyers fight this delay tactic by ensuring our clients are able to obtain the appropriate medical treatment. For example, even if you have no way to pay for medical treatment, we can assist in finding medical facilities and diagnostic testing to properly document injuries sustained in the collision. Injuries are not always apparent immediately after the auto accident and this is why it is vital to speak with our experienced San Antonio car accident lawyers right away.

No-fee, no-obligation legal consultation

Attorney Aaron A. Herbert offers all victims of accidents a no obligation, free legal consultation. Call now to speak with a seasoned, experienced car accident attorney for a review of your case at (210) 435-7968. You can also click HERE to tell us about your case, and Attorney Aaron Herbert will contact you to discuss your legal rights and how we will fight to protect them.