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Mesquite Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Posted in Uncategorized on March 4, 2020

As a pedestrian in Mesquite, Texas, you could be at serious risk of injuries from collisions with motor vehicles. Even if you have the right-of-way, negligent and careless drivers may fail to yield or break other roadway rules when you try to cross the road, putting you at risk of injury or death.

If you or a loved one is the victim of a pedestrian accident in Texas, you may have grounds to demand compensation from the driver that struck you. Please contact the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. to start your Mesquite pedestrian accident case with a free consultation at our local Dallas County law office. One or more parties may owe you compensation for your damages.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Mesquite personal injury lawyers dedicate their lives to this specific practice area. An exclusive focus on personal injury law gives us an edge during case negotiations.
  • Our lawyers stand by pedestrians in Texas. We push not only for justice for injured individuals but changes on an institutional level to better protect all pedestrians in Texas.
  • Our pedestrian accident attorneys accept clients in Mesquite on a contingency fee basis, with $0 in attorney’s fees upfront. We will only ever bill the award won (if we win) – never you directly.

What Does a Pedestrian Accident Attorney Do?

Each pedestrian accident case is unique. Your case may involve factors such as comparative fault, multiple defendants or catastrophic personal injuries. A lawyer can take a comprehensive look at your case and everything that goes with it – including all the factors that make it unique. Then, a lawyer can customize a legal strategy to match your individual needs and goals. Your attorney can take care of all the steps involved in the legal process on your behalf while you focus on your physical wellbeing.

Why Do Pedestrian Collisions Happen?

Collisions between vehicles and pedestrians are unfortunately quite common in Texas. In 2018, 621 pedestrians in Texas lost their lives in encounters with motor vehicles, according to the Department of Transportation. Thousands of others received serious and painful injuries. Attorney Aaron A. Herbert has enough experience helping clients with pedestrian accident claims to recognize the preventable nature of these collisions. Pedestrian accidents almost always arise from human error.

  • Distracted, inattentive, careless and negligent drivers
  • Drunk, aggressive, speeding and reckless drivers
  • Drivers who break roadway rules and traffic laws
  • Unsafe road, sidewalk, crosswalk, intersection or pedestrian pathway designs
  • Roadway defects such as potholes and dangerous construction zones
  • Malfunctioning crosswalk and traffic signals

Pedestrians are at risk of serious injuries anywhere their paths cross those of motor vehicle drivers, such as crosswalks and intersections. Even the most prudent pedestrian may not be able to avoid a crash if the person behind the wheel is negligent or reckless. If you believe another person or entity is responsible for causing your recent pedestrian accident in Mesquite, discuss the possibility of a personal injury claim with the lawyers at the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. right away.

Seek Compensation for Serious Injuries in Dallas County, TX

A collision with a motor vehicle while you are walking or jogging in Mesquite could result in significant personal injuries. You could suffer from bone fractures, a head injury, traumatic brain injury, spine injury, internal injuries, muscle injuries and many other types of injuries. You could also lose someone close to you in a preventable pedestrian collision. No matter the circumstances of your specific case, seek compensation with help from a lawyer. An attorney may be able to help you fight for fair recompense for past and future medical costs, lost wages, legal expenses, physical pain, and emotional suffering.

Consult With a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Today

Our attorneys help clients demand justice and full compensation from at-fault drivers and other negligent parties in the aftermath of serious motor vehicle collisions throughout Dallas County, Texas. Start your injury claim with a free consultation at our local law firm. Contact a Mesquite pedestrian accident lawyer today at (214) 200-4878.