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Richardson Brain Injury Lawyer

Traumatic brain injuries, or TBIs, can happen in many common accidents, including motor vehicle crashes and falls. At the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C, we understand how substantially a brain injury can impact a survivor. It is our mission to protect TBI victims during personal injury lawsuits and insurance settlements in Texas. We offer legal representation on a contingency fee basis, with no fees unless we win. We also provide free initial legal consultations. Contact our Richardson, Texas traumatic brain injury attorneys today at (214) 200-4878.

Why Choose Our Brain Injury Lawyers?

  • We have seen the physical, emotional, psychological and behavioral effects of TBIs firsthand. Our lawyers are passionate advocates for brain injury survivors throughout Texas.
  • We know how to demonstrate all the ways a brain injury has impacted our clients, even without documentation available such as x-rays or imaging studies. Our lead attorney has obtained results for thousands of clients.
  • We can get real results. Attorney Aaron A. Herbert is a Texas State Board Certified trial lawyer. He has the ability to take your brain injury claim to court in Richardson if that is necessary to achieve fair results.

When to Contact a Lawyer

Contact an attorney for help with your claim as soon as you suspect someone else might be responsible for your brain injury. If it is even a possibility, speak with a lawyer about a potential claim. Acting quickly could make an important difference to your case and the evidence available. The serious nature of brain injuries makes it critical to protect yourself with legal representation. Otherwise, an insurance company might refuse to offer you fair compensation for your severe and potentially permanent damages during settlement negotiations.

Do You Have a Case?

At our law firm, we do not believe minor brain injuries exist. We recognize the vulnerable nature of the brain and know that even small impacts can have a ripple effect. Catastrophic brain injuries can have permanent effects on cognition, recognition, memory, motor function, behavior, mood and more. We aim to help anyone in Richardson with a negligence-related brain injury fight for the compensation he or she needs to embrace the future with confidence, starting with a free case review.

You might have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit in Texas if another person or party (e.g. an employer, driver, doctor, product manufacturer or property owner) owed you a duty of care, breached that duty and caused your TBI. You must also show proof of the damages you have because of your injury, such as medical bills, lost income, or pain and suffering. These are the four main elements of a standard personal injury lawsuit in Texas. Note that some cases involve strict liability laws instead, meaning you do not need to prove a breach of duty. Speak to our attorneys for more details about your specific TBI claim.

Types of TBIs

Aaron A. Herbert and his associates have the knowledge, experience, and education to take on any type of TBI case. We will tailor our legal efforts according to your unique diagnosis and damages. Our attorneys can take cases involving concussions, diffuse axonal injuries, coup-contrecoup injuries, hematomas, hemorrhages, swelling in the brain, penetrating injuries, open head injuries and permanent brain damage. We also accept personal injury claims involving acquired, rather than traumatic, brain injuries.

Contact a Richardson TBI Lawyer Today

It is important to protect your rights as soon as possible after suffering a traumatic brain injury in an accident by hiring an attorney. Whether you got your TBI from a car crash, slip and fall accident, workplace accident, construction accident, boat accident, act of violence, sports incident, or another circumstance, we can help. Discuss your particular case and needs with our RichardsonTBI lawyers today. Call (214) 200-4878 or request a free consultation through our online messaging system.