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Richardson Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol can make it impossible to follow roadway rules and prevent a car accident. A drunk driver may have slower reflexes and poorer judgment than a sober driver, increasing the odds of a serious collision. Drunk driving is illegal in Texas. It can also lead to civil liability for the drunk driver if he or she causes an accident.

If you are the victim of a Richardson, Texas drunk driving accident, contact our lawyers. You may be eligible for a financial award from the drunk driver, a dram shop and/or other parties. The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. can help you discover your rights and take action toward the pursuit of fair recovery.

Why Hire Our DUI Accident Attorneys?

  • You will benefit from a lawyer with years of practice area experience, over 50 jury verdicts and a true passion for helping people.
  • You can feel confident in your choice of attorney based on our years of positive reviews and client testimonials.
  • You will not pay a dime upfront. You will only owe Aaron A. Herbert attorney’s fees if and when he wins you a compensatory award for your damages.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

Navigating a civil drunk driving accident case in Texas takes a firm understanding of the state’s related laws. A civil case differs from a criminal case against a drunk driver. You need to understand your rights, options and the identities of all the parties that may owe you compensation. Hiring a lawyer can answer your questions and give you greater power during claim negotiations. Your DUI accident lawyer in Richardson can take care of complex and tricky legal processes for you while you heal and plan your future.

Your Options for Compensation After a Drunk Driver Causes an Accident

Drunk driving is a common issue on the streets of Texas. In 2018, the state’s Department of Transportation reported 940 deaths associated with driving under the influence. Drunk driving caused more than one-fourth of all motor vehicle fatalities in Texas in 2018. Although every case and client is unique, the same general set of laws presides over all drunk driving accident claims in Texas. These laws give you a few different potential outlets for financial recovery.

  • Insurance claim. Texas’ tort-based insurance laws give you the right to file a claim against the drunk driver’s policy after a crash. The driver’s insurer may owe you benefits for your damages up to the policy’s maximum.
  • Personal injury lawsuit. Filing a tort claim against the drunk driver may result in greater compensation than an insurance claim, such as money for your physical pain and suffering, emotional injuries, and loss of consortium.
  • Dram shop liability lawsuit. You may also be able to bring a claim against the establishment or individual that furnished the drunk driver with alcohol. If the dram shop gave alcohol to an obviously intoxicated person who then caused your DUI accident, the dram shop may have to pay for your damages.

Attorney Aaron A. Herbert has enough experience handling drunk driving accident cases in Texas to understand precisely how to negotiate and litigate these claims on behalf of injured clients. Our lawyers can review your unique case during a free initial consultation, let you know if we think you have grounds for a claim and help you pursue maximum compensation if we decide to take your case. Discuss your specific case in more detail with our lawyers.

Contact a Richardson Drunk Driving Accident Attorney

Your voice matters in the aftermath of a drunk driving accident that injures you. At the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C, we help DUI accident victims stand up for their rights. If you are eligible for financial compensation from one or more parties, we can help you obtain a fair amount using proven strategies. Learn more today. Send us a message online or call (214) 200-4878.