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Mesquite Burn Injury Lawyer

A burn injury from a defective product, fire, explosion, accident at work, equipment malfunction, abuse or other means could give you the right to file a personal injury claim in Texas. Burn injuries often result in permanent physical disfigurement and long-term emotional injuries. You may be eligible for financial compensation as a burn injury survivor. Learn your rights and the potential value of your claim during a free consultation with our Mesquite burn injury attorneys. Contact us today.

Why Choose the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C?

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization has certified Attorney Aaron A. Herbert in Personal Injury Trial Law. He is one of less than 2% of lawyers in Texas with this certification.

The lawyers at our Dallas County law firm have years of experience counseling clients through complex and high-value personal injury claims. Personal injury is our only practice area.

The clients we represent in Mesquite and throughout Texas pay $0 in attorney’s fees if we do not win. Our personal injury lawyers take burn claims on a contingency fee basis.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burn injuries come in three degrees (or four, according to some sources). A first-degree burn is the most minor and typically does not require professional medical care. A second-degree burn can cause blistering and needs professional care to prevent infections. Third-degree burns are catastrophic and can result in permanent scars, disfigurement, loss of limb or death. Burns also come in four distinct types.

  • Thermal. Thermal burns arise from the skin’s contact with a source of heat energy, such as a hot pan, open flames or steam. Thermal burns are the most frequent type.
  • Electrical. An electrical burn comes from contact with a live source of electricity, such as a powerline, electrical outlet or bolt of lightning. Electrical burns can go hand-in-hand with electric shocks or electrocution.
  • Chemical. The skin can suffer chemical burns from contact with acidic or base chemicals. Chemical burns can arise from defective products or lack of proper safety gear in a hazardous work environment.
  • Radiation. Radiation burns can stem from too much exposure to a source of radiation, such as ultraviolet (UV) light, the sun’s rays or imaging equipment.

At the Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C, we represent clients with all types and degrees of burn injuries in Mesquite, Texas. Our personal injury lawyers have experience bringing many different claims before insurance companies, judges and juries. Regardless of the specific circumstances of your recent burn injury, contact us for a more in-depth look at your rights and legal options.

Are You Eligible for Recovery?

It may be possible to bring a civil lawsuit against a person or entity for a Mesquite burn injury if that person reasonably should have prevented your burns. If an employer could have prevented your injury by improving training procedures, for instance, the company may owe you compensation for your damages. Our attorneys can help you determine whether one or more parties are legally responsible for causing your burn injuries. If so, we can help you bring a claim.

If your lawyer succeeds in proving the defendant’s fault or liability for your burn injuries or a loved one’s death, you and your family could receive compensation for several different damages. Texas’ civil laws enable the recompense of damages such as medical expenses, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, live-in care, long-terms disabilities, disfigurement, lost quality of life, lost wages, lost future earnings, legal fees and more. A judge may also award you punitive damages if the defendant recklessly or wantonly caused your burn injury.

Learn More During a Free Legal Consultation in Mesquite

Do not risk missing the statute of limitations on bringing a personal injury lawsuit in Mesquite, Texas. Contact an attorney right away for an overview of your burn injury case and legal rights. Request a free consultation with Attorney Aaron A. Herbert today at (214) 200-4878.