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San Antonio Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Despite their increased vulnerability to injuries in accidents, drivers in San Antonio often do not give pedestrians the respect they deserve. Drivers are frequently guilty of speeding, running red lights and making other mistakes that endanger pedestrians’ lives. In 2019, 660 pedestrians in Texas died in traffic accidents. If you were injured in a San Antonio pedestrian accident, do not accept your losses without a fight. Contact The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. for a free consultation with an attorney who can help you demand justice.

Why Hire Our Pedestrian Accident Lawyers in San Antonio?

  • We understand pedestrian laws in Texas. With more than a decade of legal experience, Attorney Aaron A. Herbert has the knowledge of pedestrian laws you need for a strong claim.
  • We know how to obtain maximum results. Aaron A. Herbert is a true trial lawyer who prepares each case as if it will go to court.
  • We keep our legal fees affordable. Our San Antonio pedestrian accident attorneys charge nothing upfront for their services. With our contingency fee payment system, you will not pay us until we win your case.

Do You Need a Lawyer?

Pedestrian accidents can cause life-changing injuries. Some of the most common are bone fractures, head injuries and organ damages. Unfortunately, the average car insurance company will not pay a fair amount for a victim’s serious injuries. Instead, it will offer a lowball settlement to see if it can take advantage of the client. Hiring an attorney is the best way to force an insurer to treat you fairly. Your lawyer will negotiate with the insurance claims adjuster for you until he or she offers the right amount. If negotiations fail, your lawyer can go up against the defendant at trial instead.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents in San Antonio?

In general, you may only file a personal injury claim against a party for a pedestrian accident if that party was negligent. If a driver negligently read a text while driving, for example, you could hold that driver liable for crashing into you in a crosswalk. To recover compensation, you or your personal injury lawyer must prove that the defendant failed to fulfill a duty of care to you and this caused your accident. Filing a claim will first take identifying the cause of the collision.
  • Negligent driver. A driver who negligently disobeys one of Texas’s roadway rules could end up striking a pedestrian. Common examples include distracted driving, drowsy driving, failing to yield the right-of-way and rolling through a stop sign.
  • Reckless driver. A driver could also be responsible for a pedestrian accident for reckless or wanton behaviors, such as speeding, driving drunk, passing illegally, running a red light, weaving through traffic and driving the wrong way.
  • Confusing road design. Some pedestrian accidents are not the driver’s fault but instead trace back to a dangerously designed crosswalk or intersection. Road and sidewalk defects, including dangerous designs, could point to the city’s liability for a related pedestrian collision.
If a vehicle hits you while walking in San Antonio, try to stay calm while you call the police. Dial 911 and request an ambulance if you think you are injured. Even if you feel fine, see a doctor soon after the collision in case your adrenaline masked the symptoms of an injury. Collect evidence such as eyewitness statements and pictures of the crash scene. Then, contact The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. to have an attorney investigate the cause of your crash.

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San Antonio is a dangerous place for pedestrians. Too many drivers negligently or intentionally break the law. If you are a victim of a pedestrian accident in San Antonio, do not wait to contact us for a free consultation. We will ask about your collision, help you gather evidence of fault or negligence, explain your rights, and take care of the claims process on your behalf. Our lawyers can help you regain your peace of mind after a harmful pedestrian collision in Texas. Call (210) 435-7968 today to start with a free case review.