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San Antonio Highway Accidents Attorney

The highways in San Antonio can be dangerous places. A high number of reckless and negligent drivers on the I-10, I-35 and I-410 cause preventable accidents every year. In 2019 alone, the Texas Department of Transportation reported one injury accident every two minutes and three seconds. Many serious car accidents took place on Texas’s highway systems. If you were recently injured in a highway accident while living in or passing through San Antonio, contact the local lawyers at The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. for a free consultation. Our attorneys can help you navigate your personal injury claim at no costs upfront.

What Sets Our Law Firm Apart From the Rest?

  • Our lawyers have ample experience dealing with motor vehicle accidents of all kinds, including highway accidents. We base our legal strategies on each client’s unique needs.
  • Our law firm has one of the only Board-Certified Lawyers in Personal Injury Trial Law, Aaron A. Herbert. Every day, Aaron goes the extra mile to meet his clients’ goals.
  • Our San Antonio highway accident attorneys work for clients on a contingency fee basis. We will not bill you for our services unless we win your case.

How Can a Lawyer Help You With a Highway Accident?

If you get injured in a car accident on a highway in San Antonio, you may hear from insurance claims adjusters, investigators, police officers and bill collectors in the days following your crash. Dealing with the insurance process can be overwhelming. Hiring an attorney relieves you from the burden of handling a claim. Your lawyer will use professional tactics to successfully resolve your case while you focus on more important things, such as your physical and emotional healing. Using a lawyer can ensure a fair outcome for your highway accident injury claim, without the stress.

Common Types of Highway Accidents in San Antonio

Driving on the highway comes with unique risks such as high-speed vehicles, inexperienced drivers, stop-and-go traffic, and commercial trucks. If everyone obeyed their duties of care, however, the highway would be a reasonably safe place for road users. Accidents happen when drivers breach their duties of care and behave negligently. Our personal injury lawyers accept all the most common types of highway accident cases at our local San Antonio law firm.
  • Large truck accidents
  • Commercial vehicle accidents
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Multivehicle accidents (pileups)
  • Rear-end collisions
  • Rollover accidents
  • Lost cargo load accidents
  • Sideswipe accidents
  • Lane-change accidents
  • Blind spot accidents
Highway accidents can happen for a variety of reasons in San Antonio, Texas. Most, however, trace back to human error. Drunk driving, distracted driving, speeding and other acts of negligence by careless drivers can cause devastating highway collisions. At The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C., it is our mission to bring negligent drivers to justice for our clients. Talk to us about your highway accident today for honest answers to your legal questions.

How Soon Do You Need to File an Injury Claim?

Most highway accident cases can settle out of court through negotiations with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You will need to file your initial insurance claim as soon as you can after a crash – ideally, within 24 hours. If you need to take your case to the next step and file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent party, you will have no later than two years from the date of your highway accident to file the paperwork in Texas. Missing Texas’s two-year statute of limitations generally means forfeiting the ability to seek compensation. Work with our lawyers from the start on your highway accident case to meet all of Texas’s filing requirements.

Speak to a Highway Accident Lawyer in San Antonio Today

Highway accidents occur daily in San Antonio and throughout Texas. If you believe someone else’s negligence or wanton disregard caused you or a loved one’s recent highway accident, do not hesitate to contact us. The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. is prepared to assist you with any type of auto accident or injury claim. Call (210) 435-7968 today to request a free initial consultation.