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San Antonio Burn Injury Attorney

It can be difficult to receive fair financial compensation for a harmful accident in Texas. This is especially true after accidents that cause serious injuries such as severe burns and related scarring or disfigurement. At The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C., we work hard to protect injured accident victims’ rights. We do this by representing clients during insurance claim negotiations and personal injury trials. If you or a loved one has a burn injury from an accident in San Antonio, find out how we can help. Contact us now to set up a free consultation with our attorneys.

Why Do Clients Hire Our Burn Injury Lawyers?

  • We focus our energy and resources exclusively on protecting personal injury clients who have been injured by the wrongful acts of others.
  • We have years of experience handling a wide variety of accident types, including car crashes, premises accidents, daycare neglect and defective products.
  • We do not charge clients attorney’s fees until and unless we succeed in securing them financial awards for their damages. This is our no-fee promise.

How You Can Benefit From Hiring a Burn Injury Attorney

In the aftermath of a serious burn injury, you may have to deal with days or weeks in the hospital, expensive medical bills, rehabilitation, pain medications, and lost wages. While facing these losses, you will also have to handle the personal injury claim process. Hiring a lawyer can make the legal process easier. Your lawyer will go up against the appropriate defendant and powerful insurance corporations on your behalf while you concentrate on recuperating. A burn injury attorney will prevent you from settling for an unfair amount. Your lawyer can argue for maximum compensation for your past and future damages.

Examples of Negligence That Can Cause Burn Injuries

At The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C., we know negligence causes many severe and catastrophic burn injuries in San Antonio. We are passionate about shedding light on accidents caused by neglect, recklessness and carelessness – especially when someone’s negligence causes a permanent injury, such as a bad scar or disability. Our legal services aim to prevent future such negligence to save others from serious injuries. Many examples of negligence could end in severe burns to victims.
  • Distracted and dangerous drivers
  • Negligent employers
  • Lack of personal protection equipment at work
  • Poor employee training for working around electricity
  • Preventable oil and gas disasters
  • Dangerous premises
  • Preventable fires and explosions
  • Defective products
  • Lack of consumer product warnings
If you believe due care would have prevented your burn injuries, seek compensation from the responsible party with help from our burn injury lawyers. We will analyze your case, listen to your story and identify the defendant. From there, we will file a burn injury claim against the correct party with the San Antonio civil courts. Our lawyers will not give up the fight until they have secured the compensation they believe you deserve.

What Types of Compensation Are Available for a Burn Injury?

In our years of personal injury law experience, we have seen how a successful settlement or verdict can change a victim’s life. A monetary award for your past and future damages could give your family a future of financial stability despite expensive medical costs and significant lost wages. It could also bring you justice and closure by holding the negligent party accountable. A successful burn injury claim in Texas could reimburse you for medical expenses, rehabilitation, surgeries, live-in care, disability costs, lost income, lost quality of life, physical pain, emotional anguish, permanent scarring, legal expenses, travel costs, property damage repairs and more. Discuss the recovery available for your specific case with our attorneys today. We are always honest with our clients about the values of their claims.

Contact a San Antonio Burn Injury Lawyer for Free Today

You do not have to navigate your burn injury claim in San Antonio alone. Our lawyers at The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C. can represent you during insurance claim negotiations or a civil lawsuit. Start your case with a free consultation with one of our attorneys. Call (210) 435-7968 or request a consultation online today.