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Should I Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t My Fault?

Posted in Car Accidents on February 22, 2022

If you get involved in a car accident where you weren’t at fault, you may imagine a simple claims process that ends in fair financial compensation to pay for your hospital bills and property repairs. Unfortunately, even if you didn’t do anything wrong, you may run into problems and frustration when processing an insurance claim. You may need a Dallas car accident lawyer to assist you. An experienced attorney can provide many key benefits and important services during the claims process.

Allow You to Focus on Your Health

Car accidents can cause life-changing injuries, from burns and broken bones to brain injuries and traumatic amputations. You should not have to worry about the legal side of your case while also dealing with painful, debilitating and expensive injuries. You need the peace of mind to concentrate on healing and moving forward from your accident. When you hire a lawyer, you give your case over to a team of experienced attorneys who can take care of legal tasks for you while you focus on getting well.

Investigate the Crash and Gather Evidence Against the Other Driver

You might know that you didn’t cause the car accident, but your word alone isn’t enough to win an insurance claim. If the other driver is refusing to admit fault or an insurance company is trying to blame you for the wreck, you will need evidence against the other driver. A car accident lawyer can return to the scene of your crash and provide a comprehensive investigation to collect evidence of fault, such as eyewitness accounts, photographs, surveillance video footage and a police report. A lawyer’s work can help you prove a case against the other driver.

Demand Maximum Financial Compensation

Even if you weren’t at fault for the car crash, the other driver’s insurance provider may try to avoid paying you the amount that you deserve. Insurance companies are notorious for putting their bottom lines over their clients. An insurer may try to undervalue your injuries and property damage to offer a settlement that is inadequate. Without an attorney’s assistance, you may accept the offer without realizing that you deserve more. A car accident lawyer can take over insurance settlement negotiations for you, carefully reviewing each offer and submitting counteroffers until the insurance company offers a full and fair amount. While most car accident cases achieve successful settlements, if your lawyer believes that you could make more with a personal injury trial in Texas, he or she can represent you at court, as well.

Protect You From Insurance Company Traps and Tactics

A car accident lawyer will know how to deal with insurance companies and talk to claims adjusters for you. This is critical, as insurance companies are known for taking advantage of inexperienced claimants. There are several defense tactics that an insurer may use against you even if you did not cause the crash. Your lawyer can combat these tactics to protect your right to recover. Defenses may include:

  • Comparative negligence. The argument that you also contributed to the accident, which could reduce your financial recovery.
  • Pre-existing injury. An allegation that you had the injury or condition you are claiming prior to the car accident.
  • Administrative errors. A claim that you made a mistake, such as missing a filing deadline, and that this disqualifies you from coverage.

Having a lawyer advocate for your best interests throughout the car accident recovery process can mean achieving better results with less stress and hassle. Your lawyer will know what mistakes and missteps to avoid in the fight for fair compensation, such as admitting fault and rushing into a fast settlement. Your lawyer will protect your legal rights and fight for justice on your behalf every step of the way. For a free consultation with a car accident lawyer in Dallas, contact us.