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San Antonio Sexual Harassment / Assault Attorney

Any form of sexual harassment is unacceptable, but it is especially egregious when it’s your boss or superior who is sexually harassing you or coworkers. Unfortunately the victims of their boss’ sexual harassment may be hesitant to speak up. Often when sexual harassment is happening, the victim may also fear for their job and income. In addition to short term physical damage there can also be long-lasting emotional effects of sexual harassment or assault in the work place.

What Constitutes Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

Obviously inappropriate and unwanted touching from a superior is sexual harassment but there are other non-physical examples:
  • inappropriate comments, particularly when they are made public
  • inappropriate emails or text messages between coworkers
  • Uncomfortable looks from your boss
  • And anything that makes you feel uncomfortable around your superior

What to do When You Feel You’ve Been Harassed in the workplace

Although nothing can reverse the physical or emotional effects of workplace sexual harassment, there are steps you can take to recover and more importantly prevent it from happening again to you or others.
  • Take notes as soon as possible after any incident – keep track of what happened in as much detail as possible. It’s also important to note the day and time as these notes can prove a habit of abuse / harassments
  • If you feel comfortable, talk to others who may have been harassed
  • Report the harassments immediately to an HR official
  • If possible file a formal complaint
  • Keep all records of texts, emails or other form of communication between your harasser and you
  • If you feel you are in physical danger contact local law enforcement (they will most likely be brought in even if you are not the one to report the incidents)

Hire an Attorney to Fight for Your Rights

In addition to the above you should contact a personal injury attorney who has experience in these cases. Law enforcement and your company’s internal processes might be able to hold the offending party accountable but an experienced attorney can help get you compensation for your sufferings. At the Law Firm of Aaron A Herbert, P.C. we have Attorneys, Case Managers, Paralegals and other professionals who will take care of you and your case. This includes two board certified attorneys who aren’t afraid to take your case to trial if necessary.