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Could You Report a Reckless Semi Truck Driver?

Posted in truck accidents on September 24, 2019

Semi truck drivers have high standards of care they must obey behind the wheel. Like other drivers, they must follow roadway rules and speed limits. They must also meet federal guidelines for safe and prudent driving. A negligent, careless or reckless semi truck driver could endanger everyone else on the road. If you notice reckless driving behaviors from a truck driver in Dallas, report the driver to the authorities. Reporting a reckless semi truck driver or unsafe rig could prevent a catastrophic truck accident. If you have been hurt by a careless big rig driver speak to a Dallas truck accident lawyer.

How to Report a Truck Driver for Endangerment or Reckless/Dangerous Driving

Reckless driving exceeds the parameters of negligent driving. Driver negligence is unintentional. A truck driver may not notice he or she is exceeding the speed limit or not paying enough attention to the road. Reckless driving, on the other hand, demonstrates a marked lack of regard for the consequences of the driver’s actions. A reckless truck driver shows a wanton disregard for the safety of others. Reckless or dangerous driving can include texting and driving, tailgating, excessive speeding, weaving through traffic or illegal passing.

Reckless endangerment is even more serious than reckless driving. It is when a truck driver engages in conduct that creates a significant risk of serious injuries or death to others. Reckless endangerment is a crime in Texas and most other states. Examples of reckless endangerment by a truck driver can vary from driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol to operating a truck without being qualified to do so. As a motor vehicle driver, if you notice a truck driver that may be guilty of reckless driving or reckless endangerment, you can report the driver to the authorities.

If the truck driver appears to be putting other people’s lives in danger, call 911 to report a safety emergency. Keep your distance while you describe the situation and give the police information such as the truck’s license plate number. If it is a nonemergency situation, contact the Department of Transportation (DOT) directly. You may complain online or over the phone at (855) 368-4200. The DOT can send officers to detain the truck driver or otherwise investigate the situation. Reporting a reckless truck driver could prevent a serious or deadly accident in Dallas.

Preventing Semi Truck Accidents

It is largely up to the trucking company and its drivers to prevent semi truck accidents. They are the parties responsible for ensuring the safety of its big rigs, as well as its drivers and other employees. A trucking company must follow strict standards of care during procedures such as hiring drivers, training them and testing for drugs. The trucking company is also in charge of fleet maintenance and repairs. Any breaches of duty within these standards could contribute to a semi truck accident.

As a passenger vehicle driver, you could also have the power to prevent a semi truck accident. Stay alert and pay attention while driving around Dallas. A truck driver could exhibit signs of negligent or reckless driving prior to causing an accident. If you notice a truck driver drifting between lanes, weaving through traffic, speeding, ignoring roadway rules, falling asleep behind the wheel or otherwise driving recklessly, report him or her to the correct authorities. You may be the reason the police revoke the driver’s commercial license or penalize the trucking company, taking the dangerous truck or driver off the road.

You should also report any noticeable equipment or truck maintenance problems. If the truck appears in a state of disrepair, with worn-out tires, for example, report what you see to the DOT. Give the truck number during your phone call to help the DOT track down the correct semi truck. Unsafe equipment or a truck in poor condition could ultimately cause an accident. Poorly maintained big rigs or reckless drivers always bear reporting in Texas. Talk to a Dallas personal injury lawyer if you have been endangered or hurt by a reckless driver.