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San Antonio Dog Bite at Friend or Relative’s

Statistically, most of the worst dog attacks – including fatal attacks – are from a dog the victim knew. Many owners underestimate the violent propensities of their pets. They fail to adequately protect guests and visitors from attacks. If a dog bit you while at a friend or relative’s residence in San Antonio, you could be eligible for compensation. Contact our lawyers for a free consultation about your recent dog attack.

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Do You Need to Hire a Lawyer?

A dog attack can be physically and emotionally devastating. When a friend or family member’s dog unexpectedly bites, it might not let go. If you have serious injuries such as lacerations or permanent scarring, your dog injury case deserves attention from an attorney. The owner’s insurance company may try to take advantage of you. A lawyer can help you handle the claims process. A pet owner’s insurance company will have no choice but to take you seriously after you hire legal representation.

Who Is Liable for a Dog Attack in Texas?

When most people picture a lawsuit for a dog bite injury, they imagine going up against a stranger. Most people do not imagine bringing a claim against a friend or relative. Yet dog bite injury facts show that most fatal dog attacks happen on the victim’s property, with a family or friend’s dog. In Texas, the rules do not change for a dog bite case at a friend or relative’s house compared to out in public. You may still hold the pet’s owner or controller liable for your injuries if you can prove negligence. Negligence is the basis for most dog bite injury claims in Texas. Technically, Texas does not have a dog bite rule. The courts often base their decisions on the specific case as well as previous rulings. With a one-bite rule dog injury case, you or your lawyer will argue that the friend or relative had prior knowledge of the dog’s viciousness and accepted the responsibility of keeping the aggressive dog, yet failed to protect you from an attack during a visit. An argument of pet owner negligence could lead to compensation for your injuries and losses.

Defenses to Dog Bite Injury Claims

You will generally have grounds to file a dog bite injury claim against a pet owner if he or she invited you onto the property. An express or implied invitation to be at your friend or relative’s house is enough to give the pet owner a duty of care. If, however, you were unlawfully trespassing on the property at the time of the attack, you may forfeit the right to hold the pet owner responsible – even if it was the property of someone you knew. This is because dog bite injury claims go hand-in-hand with premises liability law, which does not require a duty of reasonable care to trespassers.

Consult With a Lawyer About Your Dog Bite Injury Claim

A dog bite injury case in Texas can be confusing. With no state dog bite statute, the courts could use a few different options for determining liability. Things can get more complicated when an attack happens at a friend or relative’s house. At The Law Firm of Aaron A. Herbert, P.C., we know it may not be easy to go up against someone close to you in a dog bite injury claim. We also know how expensive and harmful dog attacks can be. We can handle your case with the delicacy and professionalism it deserves. Learn more about your rights as the victim of a dog attack in San Antonio today. Contact us for a free initial consultation.